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Preserving the quality of our trees

We offer a variety of pruning services, with the aim of integrating the needs of both our clients and their trees.

Pruning can take a number of forms. Our customers are often surprised by what we can offer. While many tree companies may not offer anything beyond “lopping and topping”, we tailor our works to the tree and the situation.

In our view, there are two characteristics of good pruning - The customer has got the result that they want (more light, clearance from buildings, etc.) and it is not obvious to a passerby that the tree has had work done to it.

While the condition of the tree and the requirements of the customer may make the second point difficult or impossible to achieve, we always strive to keep these two points in mind.

Crown cleaning
Crown cleaning is the selective removal of dead, diseased or dying wood; and broken, weak or crossing branches.
Deadwood removal
Many trees contain large amounts of deadwood. While deadwood is valuable to wildlife, it may pre-sent a safety hazard. Deadwood removal eliminates this hazard.
Crown raising
Crown raising is the removal of lower branches to maintain clearance for vehicles and pedestrians.
Crown thinning
Crown thinning is the selective removal of branches in order to increase light penetration and airflow. It can also improve the structure of the tree, thereby enhancing the beauty of the tree.
Crown reduction
Crown reduction, as the name suggests, reduces the overall size of the tree.


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